The GovTech Hackathon was an exciting few days of non-stop action, and though we received over 50 solutions to problems in the areas of health, education, travel/tourism, mobility and the environment, we were only able to shortlist fifteen. These fifteen will go on to present to our esteemed panel of judges on Thursday (14th October).

So, here we go. Presenting this year’s semi-finalists — let us know which ones are your favorites in the comments!

top 15 submissions at GovTech Hackathon 2021

Ancient Journeys

Pakistan’s first Digital Tech tourism startup working on bringing the Ancient Suvastu Buddhist Heritage/Archeology to life through VR and AR to promote digital tourism in Swat.

Spreading Traffic Awareness

Traffic rules violators have to refresh all traffic rules/sign modules before depositing challan and they will save money if they clear all levels in first attempt.

Team Ibtida

Region’s first mobile travel app to boost religious tourism. The software offers hotel, restaurant, service station, and road information that will help guide tourists.


Simulation solution that reduces the efforts of citizens and FBR to calculate the tax collected. no more manual filing.


A system of smart traffic signals which would adjust the timings according to the observable traffic volume to make traffic flow more efficient, cost-effective, and less frustrating.

Boltay Huroof — Inclusive Braille Books

Software that will translate text languages into the Braille and make inclusive braille books which will be readable by the visually impaired and sighted both.


Snapchat For Education. Maintain a learning streak, Connect with friends, Challenge them with quizzes, and get personalized recommendations.


Connecting Pakistan’s archaeology with your tours.

Spot Game — Team Tornado

A Mobile App that let’s users book a slot, buy a membership, and book a whole spot for your team at any complex nearby where you can play, exercise, or have fun, and much more.


A platform that aims to connect student counselors with students from all over Pakistan in one place at the click of a button through the integration of AI.

Drive(H)er — Safe Pool

A Community Transport and Commute Solution Built by Her for Her, with AI-Powered Secure Gender Authentication.


Everything you need to travel within Pakistan. Whether you are planning a sightseeing tour or want to hike with friends, SafarApp is your solution.


Urban Planning using Minecraft.

Parwaz (E-School with innovation)

Nonstop education with the digital notebook.


Invest in government verified real estate without flinching an eye.

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