Job Opening: Head of Operations

Job Title: Head of Operations

Department: Operations

Location: Islamabad

Reports to: Country Head

Travel Required: Some, in country

Type of Position: Admin/Full Time

Level/Grade: Management Team/Leadership

Think about your last time stuck in traffic, or getting your National ID Card renewed….Ever had to go to the police station? Visited a ghost government school? What about spending untold hours with no electricity thanks to load-shedding?

No one wants to spend countless hours in traffic or wait in that interminable CNG line. Or pretty much have anything to do with public services, if they can help it. What if interacting with public services wasn’t so painful? What if every trip was a positive, easy experience?

Enter the world of civic hacking. The good kind of hacking. It’s the empowerment of citizens to create solutions themselves. It’s the opportunity to improve civic services that impact millions of lives. And it goes hand-in-hand with Government 2.0.

About Us

Code for Pakistan (CfP) is a civic innovation platform made up of a passionate community of talented professionals and students in Pakistan and the US, driven by a strong belief in civic innovation and social impact that can move Pakistan forward in measurable and meaningful ways. Code for Pakistan has successfully implemented 6 cycles of its flagship Civic Innovation Fellowship Program. In addition, we are currently running 2 Fellowship Programs and a Women’s Civic Internship Program as well as several civic engagement events such as Civic Hackathons (in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad), which have led to startups like Savaree. Code for Pakistan is an official partner and active member of the international Code for All network.

Description of Role

The Head of Operations is responsible for three critical functions of the organization: finance, human resources/talent management, and administration. This is a leadership role that reports to CfP’s Country Head and requires maturity and experience to handle a young and growing team, all aspects of financial management and reporting, and all administrative tasks, which would also include oversight of legal services.

Financial Management

● Prepare quarterly financial reports, maintain and reconcile monthly, quarterly and annual budget, and forecast future requirements against budget in a timely manner.

● Disburse and track organization expenses, manage cash and accounts.

● Track and manage team members’ expenses and reimbursements.

● Lead the audit activity alongside selected audit firm.

● Support Head of Funding and Partnerships in preparing and submitting monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports to donors and other stakeholders.

● Develop and document financial policies.

● Ensure compliance with SECP, EAD, and SBP regulations, as well as fulfillment of donors’ requirements.

● In all financial activities, practice ethics, prudence, and discipline while adhering to best practices and compliance rules and regulations.

● As a leadership team member, advise management on financial management practices best suited to CfP needs related to organizational goals and objectives.

● Work closely with the volunteer VP of Finance to receive guidance and report concerns and progress.

● Constantly improve practices to achieve optimum accuracy and transparency.

Human Resources/Talent Management

● Become the trusted advisor whom the team looks up to and seeks counsel from.

● Be the custodian of CfP’s organization chart and ensure that budget, facilities, and general environment are conducive and sufficient for team members.

● Remain responsible for the health and safety of the team.

● Track team’s performance, progress, needs, and expectations at individual level.

● Ensure quarterly OKRs and annual performance reports are conducted in a timely manner and agreed with team members.

● Develop and document policies related to HR/Talent function, such as onboarding, leave, ethics and compliance, employee handbook, etc.

● Onboard new hires and efficiently manage the exiting of departing team members.

● Arrange team building, bonding, and recreational activities in consultation with management.

● Advise management on special programs, such as induction of differently abled professionals, solo women caregivers and others, which reflect CfPs values of inclusion and diversity.

● Work closely with leaders of all teams to ensure required skills are provided in a timely manner and a repository of potential new hires is maintained to feed requirements.

● Work closely with the Head of Comms to keep the team informed of CfP successes in all areas, and to disseminate values and essential messages constantly.

● Advise management on HR strategy best suited to CfP goals and objectives.

● Work closely with Board Members to receive guidance on CfP’s values, team spirit and bonding, etc.

● Constantly seek ways and means to keep team morale and attitude positive, and ensure management and team goals are aligned.

● Contribute and execute ideas for greater efficiency, security, and accuracy.

● In all HR/Talent management activities, adhere to policy and practise principles of fairness, equality, and compassion.


● Be the custodian of assets, IT infrastructure and regulation compliance of organization, and ensure security and safety of team members, visitors, assets, and Infrastructure.

● Develop policies related to administrative function, such as assets, IT practice, etc.

● Ensure Covid-19 prevention practices in the workplace.

● Obtain the best, cost effective option for office space which can be set up as a civic community hub.

● Maintain a regular relationship with suppliers that serve the office, organization, and our events, as well as with government service providers of utilities, security, Covid-19 control services, etc.

● Be responsible for all legal aspects of operations, working with appointed legal advisory service.

● Work with team leaders to provide them suitable facilities for visitors, conferences, seminars, brown bag events, community workspace, etc.

● In the current working environment context, be ever prepared for hybrid events, team’s remote communication globally, and productive work from home practices.

● In all administrative practices ensure discipline, accuracy, and fulfillment of needs.

Core Competencies

● Proven experience in three operational areas: finance, human resource/talent management, administration.

● Strong interpersonal and written/verbal communication skills.

● Talent acquisition and people management experience.

● Computer skills, proficiency in shared Google docs and spreadsheets suite.

● Excellent organizational and time-management skills.

● Outstanding conflict management and negotiation abilities.

● High energy, minute focus on details, and positive attitude.

Experience and Qualifications

● Preferably certification in accounting and finance.

● Min 8 years of hands-on experience in Finance, 5 years in HR/Talent Management and Admin.

● Post graduate degree in business management or related field.

How to Apply

Please apply with:

● A cover letter that explains your interest in the role and your ideas for furthering Code for Pakistan’s objectives,

● your resume, and

● a link to your LinkedIn profile

Email it to

Deadline to Apply: 30 November, 2021

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