Job Opening: Events Lead

Job Title: Events Lead

Department: Programs

Location: Islamabad

Reports to: Country Head

Travel Required: Some, in country

Type of Position: Core Business/Full Time

Level/Grade: Individual Contributor

Think about your last time stuck in traffic, or getting your National ID Card renewed….Ever had to go to the police station? Visited a ghost government school? What about spending untold hours with no electricity thanks to load-shedding?

No one wants to spend countless hours in traffic or wait in that interminable CNG line. Or pretty much have anything to do with public services, if they can help it. What if interacting with public services wasn’t so painful? What if every trip was a positive, easy experience?

Enter the world of civic hacking. The good kind of hacking. It’s the empowerment of citizens to create solutions themselves. It’s the opportunity to improve civic services that impact millions of lives. And it goes hand-in-hand with Government 2.0.

About Us

Code for Pakistan (CfP) is a civic innovation platform made up of a passionate community of talented professionals and students in Pakistan and the US, driven by a strong belief in civic innovation and social impact that can move Pakistan forward in measurable and meaningful ways. Code for Pakistan has successfully implemented 6 cycles of its flagship Civic Innovation Fellowship Program. In addition, we are currently running 2 Fellowship Programs and a Women’s Civic Internship Program as well as several civic engagement events such as Civic Hackathons (in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Islamabad), which have led to startups like Savaree. Code for Pakistan is an official partner and active member of the international Code for All network.

Description of Role

This is a high energy role to lead CfP’s high profile Events Program, reporting to CfP’s Country Head. You will be responsible for organizing cost effective community engagement events from concept to completion and evaluation, and ensuring that each event reflects CfP’s Civic Tech mission and represents our values.

Above all, you will be a project manager with fresh ideas and organizational skills, someone who understands marketing and promotion techniques and has the organizational skills required to not leave anything about an event to chance.

As the Events Lead you will:

● Understand CfP’s values and mission and develop an events portfolio and calendar that reflect both while promoting our Civic Tech agenda.

● Understand CfP’s mission, objectives, and constraints and develop profiles of the nature of events you would propose.

● Identify like-minded event sponsors and partners with whom our mission aligns well, and establish a relationship with them to sponsor/collaborate in events.

● Ensure that proposed events drive our primary initiatives which include open data, open government, civic hackathons, and events that engage the community in the civic tech cause through hack days, panel discussions, community jams, and innovation challenges.

● Work under guidance of and support from our volunteer VP of Events.

● Develop an annual calendar of events with execution divided over quarters.

● Work closely with the Head of Operations for early commitment of funds, event logistics, team members’ time, and other operational requirements such as IT, venue, catering, travel and board, etc.

● Work closely with the Head of Comms to agree on PR and outreach, both messaging and timeline.

● Drive clarity on the objective of each event prior to initiation, set up a detailed project plan at the outset that includes a call-to-action with precise responsibilities and timelines.

● Develop an effective process to communicate purpose, plan, and expected outcome of the event with the entire team, and assign tasks as required.

● Curate content and execute plans, leave nothing unaddressed, have plan B and C always ready to plan for backups.

● Lead and coordinate all event-related activities, orchestrating all CfP teams and external stakeholders.

● Remain focused on event post-execution to analyze success, debrief with the team about learnings, incorporate these into next event plans, prepare reports and update management.

● Keep all event playbooks available and updated with new learnings.

● In all activities related to events, ensure ethical, accurate, transparent best practices in finance, team utilization, stakeholders’ collaboration and audience needs.

● Remain connected with external stakeholders and supporters such as federal and provincial government departments, academia, industry, and civil society organizations (CSOs).

● Most importantly, embody CfP’s values of compassion, collaboration, and inclusion.

Core Competencies

● Program and project management, experience in event management, with knowledge of KPIs and marketing techniques for event management.

● Excellent organizational skills with a natural ability for problem solving and conflict management; a leader who is a team player and can bring people together and drive optimum performance.

● Computer savvy, with good experience in navigating and utilizing social media.

● Good writing skills to own and deliver pre and post event reports both internally and externally, and to retain playbooks for all natures of events.

● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (added plus if you are a good presenter in front of audiences, as you would be facing the audience routinely during the event process).

Experience and Qualifications

● Bachelor’s degree in marketing, program and project management, hospitality management, or related fields.

● Hands-on experience of curating and managing professional events.

● Strong network in professional communities across the country.

● Project management experience is a major plus.

● Basic understanding of sustainable social programs, as well as Civic Tech and Gov Tech.

● Proficiency in using Google docs and spreadsheets.

How to Apply

Please apply with:

● A cover letter that explains your interest in the role and your ideas for furthering Code for Pakistan,

● your resume, and

● a link to your LinkedIn profile

by emailing

Deadline to Apply: 30 November, 2021

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